“Ha questa terra un aria salubre, e temperata, ed abbondante di vigne, le quali producono ottimi vini, e de’ migliori della Puglia, che se ne fa molta stima.”

A.LUCCHINO A.D. 1629 – Tale of the vineyards of Apricena

Apricena is known for its famous wine, pleasant climate and excellent soil. Everything stopped when the terrible earthquake of 1627 destroyed the small medieval village, not sparing the religious buildings including the churches of San Martino or Santa Lucia.

In addition to the damage and the victims of this disastrous event, the survivors abandoned the areas for fear of new earth moving events. This was the first step marking the end of grape growing in this area of Puglia, between the lowlands of Foggia, the Gargano and Molise.

Today Cantine Grotte is recovering this wine tradition by offering high quality labels reflecting the terroire and the reputation that this place has built over the centuries since the time of ancient Rome.

Generous Terroire that requires passion

Our vineyards outline the area acting as a hinge between the sea, the foothills of the Gargano National Park and the hinterland of the plateau of Foggia.

Among these ancient sites, rich in history, the gaze is lost towards Lake Lesina, the sea and the shimmering islands that seem to touch the coast.

Apricena, famous for its marble quarries, became a focal point for wine thanks to generous quality and fertility of the land, suitable for great quality agriculture such as vines. The products are an excellent starting point for harmonious and elegant wines.

Middle age coin ( Longobards age) called “Sicone” (SICO), founded in the company vineyards. The coin has a monogram SICO connected with a central cross and a wedge in the its first quarter.

Our winery in a unique land

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